It was hardly a surprise to hear the mighty roar of a lion at the Indianapolis Zoo. Chances were it was just Nyack, the zoo’s “very vocal” 10-year-old male African lion.

But an “unusual amount of roaring” last week prompted the zoo’s animal care staff to rush to the outdoor lion yard and investigate, Reuters reported, citing a news release from the zoo.

Upon arriving, they discovered a primal scene.

Nyack was locked in a fierce battle with Zuri, a 12-year-old lioness and the mother of his children — and he was losing.

“She had Nyack by the neck,” the zoo’s curator, David Hagan, told Reuters, describing the Oct. 15 attack. Attempts were made to separate the pair, but Zuri held on until Nyack stopped moving, Hagan said. A necropsy revealed the lion had died from suffocation because of injuries to his neck, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The sudden attack, which happened before the zoo was open to the public, has left staff and lion experts completely baffled: Why would a female lion attack a male she was not only familiar with but who also fathered her cubs?

A definite reason may never be known, but Craig Packer, principal investigator with the University of Minnesota’s Lion Center, told The Washington Post that Nyack’s death may be linked to his “unusual relationship” with Zuri.

“She apparently dominated him for the whole time they were together,” said Packer, who has extensively studied lions in the Serengeti. “That in itself is almost unheard of.”

He added, “I’ve never heard of a female that was that dominating of a male, ever.”


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