So, as you can surmise from the title, your boy just finished watching A Star is Born.  And yes, I hate it.  Not that it was a bad movie, it’s incredible.  Give Lady Gaga all of the Oscars.  I hate it because it made me realize how soft I’m getting with age.  20 year old me would not have even a drop of water in his eyes while watching this movie.  I’m sitting here with tears on my face.  LITERAL TEARS.  Bradley Cooper’s character finishes up a successful stint at rehab, everything is going well,  then he decides to hang himself as Gaga is performing the duet that they used to sing together?  I’m a mess, Bradley, and I don’t appreciate it.  I’m at a point in life where anything even remotely emotional can make me cry.  You wanna throw on some Taylor Swift – Back to December?  You bet your ass this guy’s gonna be sobbing by the second verse.  Show me that Instagram post of Drake with the sick little girl, I won’t recover for days.  I guess I just have to come to the terms with the fact I’m almost 30 and no longer a stone cold, emotionless piece of shit :(.

(your turn to cry)