So, Netflix just released their new original movie, Outlaw King, and the internet is abuzz with talk of Chris Pine’s cock (#bars).  I have no idea what this movie is about, and it seems like nobody on Twitter does, either. We’re strictly talking dick when it comes to this movie.  I, for one, find this to be very offensive. In a #metoo world, why is everyone so ok with objectifying men in films? Do people praise Gone Girl solely because of Emily Ratajkowski’s tits?  No, they appreciate the writing, the direction, the acting. As a big art guy, I’m appalled that people cannot do the same for Outlaw King. Am I going to be the one to write the in-depth review of Outlaw King?  No, I just skipped to an hour and twenty eight minutes to see Chris Pine’s dick. But someone out there should take a stand, and review this film based on it’s artistic merits. I mean, you certainly don’t want to judge it based on Chris Pine’s dick.  It’s completely average…why is everyone so excited about it? You wanna see a good dick, go check out those Bieber pics. Now that kid’s got a hammer (don’t judge, everyone’s looked).