Adult video Web site YouPorn has struck back at Starbuck’s recent porn ban by outlawing the coffee chain’s products in its offices.

On Thursday, a Starbucks rep wrote in a statement that starting in 2019, Starbucks will no longer allow guests to access porn via its free Wi-Fi system.

In turn, Charlie Hughes, Vice President of YouPorn, sent out a memo to his employees stating, “Starbucks products will officially be banned from the YouPorn offices, effective January 1st 2019.”

A YouPorn spokesperson confirmed the memo to Forbes, but did not specify whether employees will actually be reprimanded for bringing a Frappuccino to work.

Big dick move by YouPorn.  You think you’re going to ban porn, Starbucks?  Well guess what? We ban you.  YouPorn just busted all over your skinny vanilla latte.  On a more serious note, this is a great PR move by YouPorn.  We’ve reached a point where porn sites are accepted in mainstream news and culture.  You’ve even got Kanye West out here hosting award shows and presenting best new anal gape scene.  Shoutout to the queen PornHub Aria.

(Sidenote: don’t google image search “starbucks porn”…there’s some fucked up people in this world)