Playboy pooh-bah Hugh Hefner’s iconic pipe, silk pajamas and smoking jacket are up for sale next week as items from the raunchy rebel’s personal collection go under the hammer in La La Land.

Auction lots range from Hef’s personal stack of Playboys, which could fetch up to $40,000, to the signature smoking jacket ($3,000–$5,000) and silk pajamas ($1,000–$2,000). A carved briar pipe with custom Playboy Bunny logo is expected to net up to $3,000.

Who the FUCK is buying this shit?  If you pay $40,000 for pictures of naked girls, you’ve got some issues, my guy.  Have you heard of the internet? You can get that for free! Not only are they naked, they’re also doing anal…you won’t see that in Playboy.  And if you pay $2k for this old man’s pajamas? Get locked up…you’re obvs a threat to society if you want Hugh Hefner’s cum stained pj’s.