Imagine being bullied by this guy ^^^^^^^.  Apparently, ’tis the life of Pablo these days.  Kanye West has taken to Twitter to cry over Drake’s supposed bullying.

Okay, this is a lie.  Just take one look at Drake’s smile…does that look like a threatening phone call type of guy?  Nope.  He’s a good boy that loves his mother and treats everyone with respect.

Sure sounds like the tweets of a guy being bullied.

“Wahhhhhh Drake has a bigger pool than me and makes better music than me and my friends like him better than me and he fucked my wife waaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.”  I don’t ever want to see anyone try to spout that “Drake is soft” narrative ever again.  Kanye has proven that he is indeed the softest motherfucker in the music industry.  Sad.