I have a problem…I’m addicted to copping jawns.  If I see something I like, I need to buy it immediately.  It’s 9:22AM on a miserable, snowy Friday morning.  I’m scrolling through Instagram, and I see this absolute fire navy blue fleece with leopard-print details.  The price?  A mere $495.  Do I need it?  No (yes).  So, as I often do, I sit here trying to justify making this purchase.  Well, it is cold out…a hefty fleece will surely be practical in this trash east coast weather.  Is that a good enough reason to cop?  I mean, I could surely get something just as warm for a far lesser cost.  Then, it hits me.  By buying this fleece, I’m breaking down barriers.  This just so happens to be a women’s fleece (marketed as unisex, but we’re going to ignore that).  I’m making a statement: people of any gender should be able to wear whatever the fuck they please without being judged.  I’m not just some superficial piece of shit that’s addicted to spending, I’m a god damn revolutionary.  I hit that purchase button real fast, and in 3-7 days, I’ll be serving up a look whilst putting an end to discrimination.