The year 1349, when the Black Death wiped out half of Europe’s population, and 1918 — when influenza killed up to 100 million people — were practically a breeze compared to 536 A.D., the worst year ever to be alive on Earth, scientists said.

In that colossally miserable year, ash from a volcano plunged into Europe, the Middle East and Asia, causing a blanket of darkness that spanned 18 months —leading temperatures to plummet, crops to die and humans to starve to death.


Okay, I can admit that volcanic ash that causes a year and a half of darkness and death is not great.  But…was 536 A.D. really THAT bad compared to 2018? I think not. In 2018, we’ve experienced political and social unrest, 6ix9ine, MAGAYe, Balenciaga Triple S’, the death of Mac Miller (RIP), & Lebron James becoming a Laker.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather deal with a little bit of cold than hear another “Why Trump is the worst” Ted Talk from some 22 year old religious studies major. Was Lebron James even born in 536 A.D? No? Well, add another point for 536.  And let’s be honest, if the neanderthals roaming the earth back in 536 ever saw 6ix9ine, they’d pray for death. 2018…hands down the worst year ever. Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.