Americans spend nearly $100,000 in their lifetime in the name of holiday spirit, according to new research.A study examining the average spending of 2,000 Americans approaching the holidays found we’ll typically part with $1,556 in a single festive season preparing for the holidays and getting our homes in shape for the arrival of guests.

Over an average adult lifetime, that equates to an incredible $93,360 spent in the name of celebrating over the holidays.

Broken down over a single festive season, the average American spends $235 on holiday home decor, $375 on holiday gifts, and $645 on other festive hosting essentials.


So, this research showed that the average American spends $1556 during the holidays.  Broken down: $235 on holiday decor, $301 on drinks/food, $317 on kitchen products, $328 on cleaning & $375 on holiday gifts.  Ummm…this is supposed to be shockingly high? Well, my research shows that the average American is cheap as fuck. $301 on food and drinks?  Bro, I can’t even do one night at Carbone for $301. How the fuck are families feasting on $301? Are they drinking non vintage champagne? Couldn’t be me.  And you peasants are really out here spending $375 on gifts??? You should be ashamed of yourselves. What gift can you possibly buy for $375 or less? The day I give a Michael Kors bag as a gift will be the day I cut some coke with anthrax.  I’m currently wearing socks that cost ⅓ as much as the average American spends on gifts. America is stereotyped as a nation of mindless spending and consumerism, and we are clearly failing to live up to that. I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed in our country.  Embarrassing.