She thought she had it in the bag.

A 22-year-old e-commerce entrepreneur makes $25,000 a month — but lives in fear of spending her income on the very thing by which she makes a living: handbags.

“I transfer money from my checking account to savings daily, so I never feel too flush and accidentally buy a Chanel bag,” the millennial handbag designer and Instagram influencer reports in a cluelessly braggy “Money Diary” for Refinery29.

The anonymous author, whose product is manufactured in China, prefers to shop for discount bags — like her biggest buy of the week, a $707 “pre-loved”tote which she exclaims is a “steal,” as the bag usually retails for a whopping $1,900.

It makes the $95 “dolphin excursion” she later writes about buying for her and her boyfriend’s upcoming cruise sound quite frugal by contrast.

While the chance to share the spoils of her youthful success must have seemed like a fab idea, the money memoirist received much online backlash for the piece, as did Refinery29 for its continual focus on high-income individuals in its Money Diaries series.

“Not throwing shade but read the room R29, it’s 2018 + the 1%’s moment is over,” Vanessa Gatlin shared on Twitter.

“I wanted to stab my eyes with my $1.50 ballpoint pen when reading this,” another unimpressed reader tweeted.

People are mad online about this…I don’t get it.  Is this supposed to be absurd spending? This girl makes far more than I do, and I think she’s quite frugal, to be completely honest.  Her most expensive purchase of the week is $700 on a USED Celine bag. You will never see me rocking someone else’s trash. Besides that, she’s buying bikinis on Amazon (yikes), and spending on normal everyday things like lunches and Uber.  If you’re one of the people that are offended by this girl’s spending, you should probably give up on life. Quite frankly, if you can’t afford Chipotle and Ubers, your life SUCKS. I cannot imagine a life in which I don’t splurge on the occasional Saint Laurent, Dior Homme or Goyard.  What are you people doing with your money? Saving up for retirement?! Boring. Who needs a retirement fund when you can be walking around in $1100 Saint Laurent jodphur boots? I plan on being dead wayyyy before I hit retirement age, anyway. Honestly, do I even care about life if my body is falling apart, my hair is falling out, and my dick doesn’t work like it used to?  Nope. So, let’s stop the spend-shaming, people.  Fiscal responsibility is for nerds.