Last night, as I was sipping on a protein shake (made with oat milk because anything else is straight poverty) & watching the classic film, Mean Girls, I came to a realization.  The rap game in 2018 is literally Mean Girls. Kanye West is Regina George. He was the cool guy; the one that everybody else wanted to be close to because it would boost their status.  Then came along innocent little Cady Heron aka Aubrey Drake Graham. Drake was welcomed into the clique by Ye, but Kanye never really liked him. He kept up the BFF facade while simultaneously sabotaging Drake at every turn.  “Hey, Aubrey, I’ll direct that video for you” results in the worst video of Drake’s career. “Yo Drizzy, I got a fire beat for you” results in one of the worst mixed songs that these ears have ever heard. This goes on for years, as Drake and Kanye go from friend to foe every other month.  Then, this past summer, things switched up. After being dissed by Gretchen Weiners (aka Pusha T), Drake is the one to go on the offensive. He makes a response so hard that it would destroy lives. Nothing would ever be the same. But rather than burying Regina West & Terrence Weiners, Drake snapped that plastic tiara of a diss track & refused to ever allow the world to hear it.  What a guy, the true queen that the rap game deserves.