Now it all makes sense…Diddy didn’t freak out like a prepubescent girl seeing blood for the first time on the Ellen Degeneres show because he’s scared of clowns. He freaked out specifically because it was a white clown.

Sean was shook yet again by a couple of little caucasian clowns dancing to hip hop music whilst counting money (video below). He was so intimidated by them that he felt the need to post an urgent Instagram post:

“Our culture is a global resource, let’s not play ourselves and wake up one day and not own our own culture. Tighten up on your contracts, tighten up on your deals. Demand ownership. Demand equity. Protect your culture. IT’S FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY BUT FOR US TO OWN! 🖤✊🏿” – Diddy

OK Diddy…tightening up contracts and locking deals I can get behind. That makes sense. However, what were you trying to accomplish by dragging these little white boys into it? You just said that the culture is for “EVERYONE TO ENJOY,” does that mean white people shouldn’t be allowed to dance to hip hop? Should they just sit there in silence and not move? Is counting money REALLY stealing your culture? LOL.

It’s 2018, the year of me-toos and LGBTQQ. There are more important things to worry about… like gender inequality, sexual inequality, and racial inequality. Instead, you’re scared of little Jimmy, John, or Bob becoming rappers and taking your culture.

Stop being scared of little clowns. Get with the times, Puff. Everyone’s a rapper.